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For Tyya,my daughter and the kid in SOMETHING GOOD. In 1994 she was a manic sticker collector.


Tyya the Munsch
Stuck stickers at lunch
And also stuck stickers at dinner
She stuck them so much
At dinner and lunch
She started to get very thinner.
Her Mommy said,”Oh
She sticks stickers so
At sticking she’s surely a winner
And what do I care
If she sticks stickers there
She’s not even eating a weiner.”
Her Daddy said, “Gee
She sticks them to me
At sticking there’s surely none finer;
But what do I care
She’ll soon just be air
For not ever eating her dinner.”
But Tyya said, “Gee
Stick stickers to me
And then I won’t be any thinner.
I’ll be round and squat
With stickers I’ve bought
And people will think I’m a winner.

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