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Poem for Katrina’s Teacher

10/20/99 Dear Mr. Munsch I am an Early Childhood Education Major at Northeaster State University. I was reading some of the poems you have written for the kids. I was wondering if maybe you could write one for me. I think my teacher would be very impressed. Thanks, Katrina Holcomb 10/20/99 Dear Katrina. Well here is a poem, but it might not impress your teacher.

Katrina wanted a poem
To really impress her teacher,
Thinking she would pass
If she had this feature.
And so she gives this poem
To the teacher creature
Did she write it alone?
Did Bob Munsch teach her?
On this rests her mark
By the teacher creature.
But here is a clue
Oh Teacher, for you.
Should you accept it?
Or should you fight it?
…Well, if it’s good,
Munsch didn’t write it.

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