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My Monkey

E-Mail From Maddie Dear Mr.Munsch, I sent you a letter already in class yesterday. Can you write a poem about monkeys for me pleeeeeeeease!!!!!!!! Okay, I think you know now that I'm weird. We are studying you in school. THAT WAS THE GOOD PART! THIS IS THE BAD PART. I am sick with STREP THROAT! THAT IS THE HORRIBLE PART. I've also had pnumonia 3 times. STREP THROAT at least 13 times. And chicken pox 1. It's bad stuff to deal with.

I need a monkey
That costs a lot of money,
And one that is not junkey,
One that’s a honey!
This, you see, is not for fun.
I really have to get me one;
Cause Monkeys are a lot like me,
As much as animals can be.
Since I do get sick a lot
This is what I went and thought:
I’ll take monkey germs for me,
And give my germs
To the monkey!
So this, I think, will be quite swell
Cause then I think we’ll both be well.
Of course, I might be wrong;
But I’ve wanted a monkey all along!
So let’s just give it a try,
I’ll even be happy if I die.

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