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From:Lliam Evans Mr Munsch, My name is Lliam Evans and I am in the 1st grade at Rainbow Elementary in Florida. We are studying famous Canadians. Michael J. Fox, Wayne Gretzky, Rick Moranis & you. You are the only person on my list I have heard of. My daddy reads your stories to me. I like your website. Me and my dad wrote a poem about you; Now here is a man named Munsch, who always gets caught in a crunch, with so many words and so many rhymes, He never has time for lunch. Now you write one about me.

Here is a poem for Lliam
Who runs so fast you can’t see him.
His mother and father
Find it such a bother
They shut him up and won’t free him.
So Lliam runs round and round,
Because a straight run can’t be found.
But he’s so fast
You can’t see him pass!
I don’t think he’ll ever run down.

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