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Karen Klassen

Karen Klassen teaches grade two in Clive, a very small town Alberta. Her class writes me every year. The closest place to Clive is a very, very, very small town called Chigwell and the closest big towns are Lacombe and Stettler.

Karen Klassen
Has a class in Clive.
And thinks she is
The classiest Klassen alive!
For a Klassen class in Clive
Beats that big city jive,
And also beats
A Klassen class
In Chigwell.
So in Lacombe
They will moan
For a Kalssen Class near home,
But the Kalssen will not roam
And the closest Kalssen class,
Is Clive!
And in Stettler
They can’t get her
Though they fret
And try to net her
For a Kalssen Class
Would be such a good bet,
But the Kalssen
Will not roam
She just stays near her home
So the closest Kalssen class,
Is Clive!

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