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Jamie's mom wrote me and said that Jamie liked to take things apart, things like toasters and microwaves and CD players.

There once was a boy
Who played not with toys;
He liked weed eaters and cars.
He took them apart
Into small little parts
And put them
In small little jars.
His mother said, “Gee,
It does seem to me
That everything’s coming apart.”
“How about putting back
The bric and the brac,
Until we are back like the start”.
And so Jamie did
As mommy had bid
And made a shiny machine;
From all of the parts
Of all of his starts,
So mommy could sweep up and clean.
And when she was done,
Just for some fun,
Mommy turned that machine on.
It clickled and clackled
Made noises and grackled,
And suddenly, Mommy was gone!

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