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From Zach To Bob April 25, 2003 My dad flies helicopters and he is going to be gone for a whole year. I’ll be in the third grade by the time he gets back and well, I miss him very much. I even wrote a story about him. I cry when people talk about him. That’s how much I miss him. He’s way over in Texas because the army went to war…I’m turning 9 this year and my dad will not be there…So I was wondering if you could write a story or a poem about him. Thank You, Zach

My daddy flies a copter.
He flies it here and there.
He hops around the USA
And flies it everywhere.
He flies it out in Texas.
He flies it up in Maine.
He flies it on my birthday
And that is a real pain.
Since he’s flying anyway
And flying almost every day,
Why can’t he fly it my way
And be here on my birthday?
That’s what the day is for.
Instead he’s in a war!
What a bore!!!

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