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E-Mail From: Holly MacKinnon Hi. How is school. You are my best friend. Do you love gym?

Dear Holly,
Here is how I feel about gym.


I do not like gym!
I’m little and thin,
And kids that are large
Hit me like a barge,
So I’m done before I begin!
And that is not all
Cause I can’t dodge ball.
I scream bloody murder,
Look like hamburger,
At dodge-ball I just never win.
And when we play ball that is base
I always get hit in the face.
I just can not catch!
My nose gets a patch!
My face slowly turns into paste.
The one thing I’m good at, quite very
Is reading books in the library;
But that’s not a sport
On my gym report
So I’ll just flunk gym
And be merry!

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