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October 16, 2001 From:Kelley Hacker, We like reading your books. Our favorite story was Alligator Baby. It is so funny. We can't wait to read more of your stories. You are our author of the month and we are learning all about your books. Mrs. Hackers first grade class, South Milwaukee, WI

Dear Grade One,
I like your teacher’s name and it made me think of this excellent poem. If you figure out what the poem means, please tell me because I do not know!

Mrs. Hacker’s
Class liked crackers
In their morning soup.
But the Hacker
Cracked the crackers
Turning soup to goup.
So the class said
“Let’s just smack her,”
“She who cracks our soupy crackers.”
“She will be nice if we whack her.”
“It will nicely quite distract her.”
“Then we’ll have a happy Hacker”
“Cracking not our morning crackers.”
So they did
And now it’s done,
Hacker’s cracking crackers none.

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