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A class wrote me from Cotopaxi, Colorado. I looked up Cotopaxi on a map and found that almost every place around Cotopaxi had “GULCH” as part of the name. There are no gulches where I live! I wrote a “gulch” poem using the names of gulches near Cotopaxi.

Sand Gulch
Mine Gulch
Pasture Gulch to,
When you’re in Cotopaxi,
There’s gulches through and through.
Hentorn Gulch
Kurtz Gulch
Palmer Gulch and Cabin;
When you want a gulch in Cotopaxi
Just go out and grab’em.
Deep Gulch
Iron Dollar
West McCoy and Red
Why Cotopaxi’s not a gulch
I’ll wonder till I’m dead.

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