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Book Brain

In August, 2000, a girl named Meredith Bowen wrote me and said, "I am going into Grade Two and I am in a Grade Two/Three class. I think this will be good for me because I read very, very well. Sometimes I say that my brain is shaped like a book." I made up this poem for her.

A girl named Meredith Bowen
Read so many books, so then
Her brain got totally booked.
I don’t know how many it took,
But she couldn’t live
Without a book.
And this was serious you see,
Because she ended in hospital
On a book I.V..
First a one book I.V.
And then a two or three book I.V.
Till the doctor screamed, “Oh Look!”
“Her brain is shaped like a book!”
“Just let her read all the time”
“And then this kid will be fine.”

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