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Our names are Vivian 12) and Jamie (7). We are sisters who live in Calgary and love your books and we thInk that they are hilarious. We thInk that you are a very talented author. Let's tell you a little bit about ourselves. Vivian loves to write, read and talk. Jamie LOVES to draw and is a regular Kangaroo and monkey because she jumps and climbs around so much. One day we visited your site. We saw that you wrote POEMS to Kids and we thought that was very cool. We were wondering if you could please write a Poem about us? HERE’S ONE WE WROTE FOR YOU: Robert Munsch loves to write Poems and stories for children's delight. He writes them quite awfully well His stories and poems, to read, are swell Ideas come from fan letters Robert changes and makes them better. His stories are a total blast With funny characters for the cast He visits schools with stories to share Imagination is what he dares. He loves to tell stories and poems, As you can very well see So may he pretty please write a poem for my sis and me? (An autograph or poster would also please.)

Sign for Vivian.
Sign for Jamie.
That’s not hard!
Ten seconds maybe.
Teaches ask me in a store
To sign their 60 books or more!
Teachers are weird!
That’s what they are for.
Sometimes kids say
“Do my hat”
That’s ok!
I’ll deal with that.
Sometime kids say
“Do my shoe.”
That’s ok!
I do shoes to.
Once a teen said
“Do my bum?”
Just what planet was he from?
Once on a farm
I signed a horse!
It kicked me when I was done
Of course.
I wish you all the same:
of signing your name!
On poster, book, or hat or shoe!
Send me a letter when you’re through!
And, of course,
Don’t forget the horse.

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