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Ariel Herman

From:Ariel Herman Dear Robert Munsch- Although a kid I am no longer Now at 15, I have homework hunger. For English class I must share A poem by another written with care, A poem that speaks directly to me, That it would seem to be written for me personally. And I thought of nothing that could greater be Than to have a Robert Munsch poem just for me. So I am asking you, in rhyme, oh please Can you help me, since you write with such ease? Thank you very much for your time and your ear I'll wait in this chair so I can hopefully hear A poem about Ariel, and maybe a merman! Thank you sincerely, from Ariel Herman.


A poem for Ariel to get an A
Is not a bad way to spend a day.
But what if the teacher gives it an F?
A terrible mark! Grading Death!
The newspapers will ‘front page’ it:
“Munsch Poem is Total Zit!”
Scholastic Can. will have a fit,
Cancel my printings very quick!
No more books and no more shows!
Easy came and easy goes!
No more money to pay the rent,
Sell the house and buy a tent.
And that is why I can’t, you see
Send a poem that comes from me.

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