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Amber’s Room

Amber wrote a letter that was part of a class package from grade 1/2 at Pepper drive school, 1935 Marlinda Way, El Cajon, CA – 92021. Teacher = Diane Childress – The other kids in the story are in the class

Dear Robert,

Can you rite a story about a girl who hates cleaning if you have the time.

Love, Amber”

09/30/04 ………..#1


When Amber came down for breakfast, her mom said “Is your room all cleaned up? You said that you were going to clean it up before you went to bed”

No” said Amber “but I will clean it up after breakfast.”

HA!” Said Amber’s mom “You always say you are GOING to clean up your room but you never REALLY clean your room. I want you to clean your room before breakfast.”

BEFORE BREAKFAST!” Yelled Amber “I will die of hunger and you will find me under my bed all dried up like a mummy.”

Right!” Said Amber’s mom “If you turn into a mummy I will sell you to a museum and make lots of money – NOW GO AND CLEAN YOUR ROOM – GET EVERYTHING OFF THE FLOOR.”

So Amber went up to her room and looked for the floor.

I do not even think my room has a floor” said Amber. I have never seen a floor. I think my room is just Lego and dirty clothes and old Barbi dolls all the way to the bottom of the world.”

So Amber ran to the garden, got a shovel and started to shovel stuff out her bedroom window.

I bet I fill the whole world up with old Lego and dirty clothes and old Barbi dolls” said Amber “And then my mom will be sorry that she ever asked me to clean up.

BUT – Amber did not fill up the while world, she just filled up her back yard.

She ran downstairs, yelled “FINISHED” and started to eat her breakfast.

That was fast” said her mom “Is all the stuff off the floor.”

All off the floor” said Amber “And I want a new floor. Now that I can see my floor, I do not like it.”

HA” said her mom, and she went out into the back yard to look at her garden.

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” yelled Amber’s mom.

Rats!” Said Amber, and she ran out the front door and was almost at the sidewalk before her mom caught her.


WAIT!” said Amber “Nothing will get cleaned up if I am in my room. How about I clean up the back yard?”

WELL….” said her mom “OK. I am going out to get groceries and I want EVERYTHING cleaned up when I get back.”

So the mom drove away and Amber sat in the front yard and tried to think of what to do.

Genesis and Michael came walking by and said “Hey Amber! Come and play.”

I can not play” said Amber “I have to clean up my back yard.”

Michael and Genesis ran to the back yard and said “WOW! Lego and dirty clothes and old Barbi dolls! What a mess.”

Yes” said Amber “It is going to take all day to pick up this stuff and get it back to my room. Especially the Lego. I think there are about 10 million, jillion, gabillion, doublezillion pieces of Lego.”

Dig a hole” said Genesis “Dig a hole and put everything in the hole.”

Neat idea” said Amber, and they dug a huge hole and shoveled all old Lego and dirty clothes into it.

Now let’s plant tomatoes on top” said Michael.

Good idea” said Amber.

WOW!” Said Amber’s mom when she got back “Everything is so clean and you even planted a garden. I guess it is OK if you go and play.”

So they all ran to Genesis’ house, shoveled all the old Lego and dirty clothes and old Barbi dolls out the window and played on Genesis’ nice clean floor.

© Bob Munsch Ent. Ltd. – 2004

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