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Kyla’s Letter


I got this interesting letter from Kyla:

Dear Mr. Munsch

I really like your books. They are funny like my grandpa’s jokes. So I am going to tell you about him.

He always changes words to make it funny. He says let’s go to Onegoodpond instead of Toogood Pond and then he says Boilday instead of Friday. If there is a Coffee why isn’t there a Sneezy? And then he says Threehead instead of Forehead.

He is funny.

He is retired.

He was a vice president of something and when he was young he played in a band. He plays music too much and way too loud. He likes guitars and plays the same tune all the time with each one of his guitar one after the other. He has 15 guitars.

Clang, clang clang.

My grandma and me we want him to learn new songs because we are bored with the same tune.

Then he snores at night. He snores so loud that he now sleeps in my princess bedroom and I sleep with my grandma. I like that. Whenever me and my grandma tell him to stop snoring he says he was not snoring and was not even asleep. He is a noisy guy.

When my uncle Logan and my grandpa snore my grandma says the walls tremble.

My grandpa keeps saying he doesn’t like our cat but we hear him playing with the cat when he thinks we are not looking. He chases the cat and he fell a few times running around the sofa trying to catch him. My cat always wins. My cat is very silly.

He complains when we tell him to do something he doesn’t want to do. He is a bit awkward and keeps hitting his head on the wall or the stairs when we chase him and he fell from the second floor railing a few times. I think he is brain damaged. He swallowed a piece of one of my toys and he had to have surgery.

My grandpa took everything out of a room so he could not jump on anything for a month. He had to wear a collar and he did not like it. We could hear him running around in there and jumping when he was supposed to be calm. He did somersaults when I came in the room and his collar was always off. He is crazy. It took a long time for his cut to heal.

When my grandma puts dinner on the table he jumps on my grandpa’s seat and thinks it is for him. A few times he started to eat my grandpa’s food. My grandpa was angry. Another time me and my grandma were making cookies and all of a sudden we realized that he was eating one of the uncooked cookie on the first tray. He eats anything that falls on the floor especially broccoli because I have to eat it every day.

I will tell you another thing that is funny. My grandma told me that one time her mommy came to visit and she was wearing a new fur coat and hat. My uncle Logan was 3 years old then and he had never seen a fur coat. When my uncle saw my Nanny he said “Nanny why are you dressed like a gorilla?”

My grandma and grandpa were laughing like crazy.

My name is Kyla and I am in grade 3. My handwriting is not very good so I use the computer. It corrects my mistakes.

I love reading books and watching kids movies. I sometimes watch a movie 3 or 4 times.

I don’t really like school. It is too hard. My grandma has to help me with my math. She was a math teacher in high school.

I like writing stories but we don’t get to do that. We always have to write about something the teacher teaches us about.

Kyla Randall

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