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Jason’s Brain

The story behind the story

It all started when a group of students in Mrs. Kusch’s class was working with Ms. Burt on a Reader’s Theatre version of Robert Munsch’s story “Angela’s Airplane.” Jason always read his lines beautifully, but every time it was his turn, his brain would be off on a trip. Ms. Burt kept telling him to pay attention, then someone got the idea of doing a Robert Munsch style story called “Jason’s Brain.” Ms. Burt said, “That’s not a bad idea!” Together, we wrote the story and drew the pictures. It was a lot of work, but a month went by and our book was finished!


Written and illustrated by Grade 2 and 3 students at Daniel Woodward Elementary School, Richmond, BC:
Nicole Antilla, Deep Battu, Kaely Blanche, Olivia Burns, Keonna Dunlap, Manpreet Gill, Melissa Graebel, Hayam Hamodat, Navit Jammu, Nicholas Karoway, Jason Li, Jas Sanghera, Calvin Singh, Monica Singh, Troy Street, Chelsea Swedberg, Dilraj Virk, Michael Vo, Cody Wagner.
Developed under the instruction of teachers Heather Burt and Nichole Kusch.

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