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A grade 2 in Ajax, Ontario read my book “MMM Cookies” and then made their own cookies. They even sent me some. They were excellent.

I ate one and then put the rest on the kitchen table. When I came back my daughter Tyya (the kid in “Something Good) said, “I ate one of your cookies.”

“Was it good?”, I said, “A grade 2 made them for me”

“OH NO!”, yelled Tyya, “Not little kids with snotty noses and dirty hands!” (Tyya is 15 now.)

I decided to really gross Tyya out. “Yes”, I said, “The teacher said that all the kids had colds.”

“Wahhhhhhh!”, yelled Tyya, and she ran out of the kitchen. So I got to eat the rest of the cookies by myself.

kid art