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Hi, welcome to I hope you enjoy this selection of my work, as well as the creative art and short stories donated by kids and teachers.



    I first told version of the story in 1987 in Geraldton, Ontario. I do not remember the name of the first kid in the story because it was a 'throw away' MOOSE story. It then became one of my favorite tell stories and it had LOTS of different versions.

  • Too Much Stuff

    Too Much Stuff

  • ROAR!


    I made up GROWL in 1992 during a storytelling at a daycare in Antigonish, Nova Scotia on the same day that I made up LIGHTHOUSE. I did not link it to a specific kid and for a long time it was not part of my regular telling but it gradually got better as a story and then I was telling it all the time.

  • Put Me in a Book

    Put Me in a Book

    A long time ago a girl named Dawn Mullins swam past my cottage and asked "What if you put a kid in a book and the kid wanted out?" That led to a story called DAWN'S BOOK. Much later I changed it into a class story that I send out to classes that wrote me.

  • Class Clown

    Class Clown

    In 2005, two kids named Ricky and Drew from Ed Cody Elementary School sent me a CD movie that they had MADE THEMSLEVES. It was a show about why I should visit San Antonio. I thought it was really neat that they had MADE IT THEMSELVES, and I decided to visit the school.

  • ZOOM!


    Lauretta’s mom sent along a note saying that Lauretta was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and Scoliosis and used crutches for short distances and a wheelchair for longer trips.

  • We Share EVERYTHING!

    We Share EVERYTHING!

    In 1990 my daughter Tyya, the kid in SOMETHING GOOD, was in Royal City Nursery School. I often went there to tell stories. On April 19, I made up a really lousy story about two kids who did not want to share the blocks. It went over very well!

  • Wait and See

    Wait and See

    Wait and See started out as two separate stories that I made up in 1985. One was about Olivia who made pancakes for her family. The other story did not have a particular kid attached to it.

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