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Wait and See

Wait and See

Written by Robert Munsch.

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

Published by Annick Press, 1993.

Wait and See started out as two separate stories that I made up in 1985. One was about Olivia who made pancakes for her family. Olivia was in kindergarten at a school in Scarborough Ontario where I told stories. She had said that she liked to cook and that led to the story. The other story did not have a particular kid attached to it. I was driving around northern Ontario in the middle of a terrible snowstorm and I made up a story about a kid who wished for snow on her birthday. For a long time the stories stayed separate; but they finally joined together and Olivia became the kid in the final story. When I decided to publish it I had lost track of Olivia. It had been 8 years and I figured she was now 14. She had changed schools and nobody knew where she was. I started calling directory assistance for towns all across Ontario and finally found a family named Shiwoku in Ajax, Ontario. I called them up and soon was talking to Olivia. She remembered the story!!! and was happy to let the book be dedicated to her. I would have liked to have seen her face when I said, “Hi. My name is Bob Munsch and I made up a story about you when you were in Kindergarten at Military Trail Public School in 1985. It’s going to be a book and I want to use your name in it.”

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Wait and See

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