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Something Good

Something Good

Written by Robert Munsch.

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

Published by Annikins, 1995.

Something Good started with grocery shopping.

Every Thursday I do the family food shopping.

First I took along my son Andrew and then I took along my daughter Tyya.

I was shopping once and I noticed another little girl sitting in her mother’s cart. She was sitting so still. I said to myself “Wow! Look at that little girl. She could almost be a doll.”

That doll idea stayed in my head and eventually it turned into the story Something Good.

The kids in it are my own kids and my wife Ann appears in the last page.

I am the father who always gets mad at the little kid for buying all the sugary food.

The week after this book came out I was taking Tyya through the supermarket and she decided she wanted sugary marshmallow cereal. I never get that for her.

Well, she had a great big screaming fit and I dragged her through the whole supermarket while she yelled and screamed and told everybody what a bad daddy I was and how mean I was.

All the while I was pulling her through the store and saying “I’m glad I wrote that story. I’m glad I wrote that story. I’m glad I wrote that story.”

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Something Good

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