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Seeing Red

Seeing Red

Written by Robert Munsch.

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

Published by Scholastic, 2012.

In 2004 somebody firebombed the library at Montreal’s United Talmud Torahs School, and thousands of books got burned. But within a few months they had collected even more books and rebuilt the library. When it re-opened I went to Montreal to tell stories at the school, and while I was there I stayed with Arie’s family. He told me that he was the only kid in the whole school who had red hair, so I wrote this story about him and his friend Alex.

The school gave me a thank-you gift when I left. It was a copy of one of my books from the original library, with the edges all burned, in a beautiful frame, and it says: “They can burn our books but not our spirit.” Nobody had ever given me anything like that before.

Seeing Red was published eight years later, and I sent copies of it to the school. The librarian sent back photos of Arie and Alex with the books – they were in grade ten by then and Arie’s hair was still very, very red.

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Seeing Red

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