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Put Me in a Book

Put Me in a Book

Written by Robert Munsch.

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

Published by Scholastic Canada, February 2010.

A long time ago a girl named Dawn Mullins swam past my cottage and asked “What if you put a kid in a book and the kid wanted out?”

That led to a story called DAWN’S BOOK which I wrote for Dawn. Much later I changed it into a class story that I send out to classes that wrote me. My secretary would insert the names of the class  into the story.

Then my secretary, Sharon Bruder, said “We are getting really nice books that classes have made about the PUT ME IN A BOOK story.”

Then we got THE BOOK.

A class from North Bay Ontario had done the story IN PHOTOGRAPHS.

This was really neat and I decided to make it the basis for the book, and to use the kids names from the class.

Here is some of it:

On the day that Madame O’Dell took her class for a walk, they came to a man sitting on a park bench holding a picture book.

“Hi” said Hailey “What are you doing?”

“I am trying to finish this book” said the man “It is a picture book for kids, but I do not know what kid I am going to use in the story.”

“WOW” said Hailey “Can I be the kid in the story?”

It goes on and ends up with Hailey stuck in a book.

My favorite picture is when Hailey jumps out of the book.

Here I am visiting the class in May, 2010.

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Put Me in a Book

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