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The Blackflies, Oh!
The Blackflies, Oh!
They fly in North Ontario.
Wherever we’ll be
That’s where they go,
In North Ontario.

And Leeches to!
There’s Leeches to!
They’re in my sock and in my shoe.
Wherever there’s bare skin they’ll chomp you,
In North Ontario.

And Mosquitos fly
Into your eye.
I’ll breath them in
Until I die;
But only after I scream and cry,
In North Ontario.

And the Bush Planes fly
But we don’t know why
Cause they’re often lost
And the pilots cry,
“In North Ontario we’ll die!”
“In North Ontario.”

So off we’ll go,
So off we’ll go,
To leeches and bugs and bears and snow.
We’ll have a good time there, you know,
In North Ontario.

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