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From:Austin Pase Hi Bob: Could you please write me a short poem about moving from Canada to the USA? I'm moving to Ohio in 3wks. I'm sort of excited and a little scared. Please write back

I’m moving to the USA!
I hear it’s full of guns!
They’ll think me really crazy
Because I don’t have one

I’m moving to the USA!
I hear its’ full of money.
They say theirs is the real stuff
And Canada’s is funny.

I’m moving to the USA!
They’ll think I’m from an igloo,
And think I sleep in piles of snow,
And have a sled that’s big to.

I’m moving to the USA
I know I shouldn’t worry.
If we stay, Dad’s lost his job
And then we’ll all be sorry.

I’m moving to the USA!
I’ll write or call to hail ya;
And I guess things will all be well,
At least it’s not Australia.

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