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Sarah’s Pets

When Sarah wrote me, she spent most of her letter listing her pets. It was a really long list.

I have a dog named Shadow.
I have a fish named Spot.
You may think that’s pets enough;
But I think it is not.
Another fish is Pac Man.
Another’s name is Pop.
And now you may think I am done,
But there is still a lot.
My rabbit’s name is Maggie;
But just you wait and see,
She’s going to have some babies:
Maybe Twenty-Three.
My tadpole’s name just isn’t
Because he hasn’t one.
My snails are also nameless
But they’re still lots of fun.
One gerbel’s name is Frisky
But really I have two.
The other’s name is Midnight.
My pets are quite a few.
My mother and my father
I drive them quite insane
For with my cages all about
They think my pets a pain.
But still they say they love me
And I think this is true.
Cause if they didn’t love me
They’d send me to a zoo.

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