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Dear Robert Munsch, I liked your poem called DINNER! My mom and I wrote you this poem called LUNCH! If you like it will you write a poem for me? I am a second grader in Rhode Island. I am the oldest of 3 sisters with a new baby coming in September. I hope it's a boy because sisters are annoying! Your Big Fan! Isabella (If you're ever in Rhode Island, please come visit!) LUNCH A boy named Robert Munsch Wouldn't eat his lunch. He'd throw it ALL away! What a waste of a lunch! Said his mother, Mrs. Munsch Each and every day. So, a clever Mrs. Munsch Packed him a NEW lunch Of pickled pigs feet, rotten shark meat And pickled people thumb. and threw the PB&J away!

I hope the baby’s a brother
Of sisters I don’t want another
Sisters are so annoying
I’ll even put up with a boy thing
If the boy is annoying to
I’ll happily sell him to you.

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