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Gracie The Horse

September 17, 2003 Dear Mr. Munsch, My daughter, Gracie- age 3, has asked me to write to you with a request: "Hi Robert Munsch, I'm Gracie. How are you? Can you write a story about a girl called Gracie who wants to be a horse, please? I'm called Gracie and I want to be a horse. Thanks." Sincerely, Gracie Lachine, Quebec

There was a girl named Gracie
And she was a girl of course;
Except, you see,
She wanted to be
A girl that was a horse,
Of course.
How sad and bad
Her mom and dad
Were glad
She was a kid!
She’ll never run
Like horses run
Or do what horses did.
And so you see
For you and me
The moral of this story:
“Be careful picking your mom and dad”
“Or else you might be sorry!”

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