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My daughter Tyya has a friend named Brianne Gergovich who lives by the Grand River. I always called her Brianne Garglefish, and finally I wrote a poem about Garglefish, so she would know what it was that I was calling her.

The Garglefish,
As everyone knows,
Is a fish of the Grand River that grows
Till it’s meters long from tail to nose;
It’s quite a sight to see one.
But Garglefish,
As everyone fears,
Are very hungry and rather queer,
They’ll jump from the water and snap off your ear;
It’s really hard to flee one.
And worst of all,
Around here they say
That Garglefish in light of day
Look like people and seem ok!
They live by the river and seek their prey;
You never know who’ll be one.
So very nice families like Gergoviches
May in fact be Garglefishes!
Look out when you see one.

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