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Dear Mr. Munsch: I am a nine year old boy who loves to read your books. my mom loves to read them to. She reads them to my brother and me. We live in Powell River, B.C. Canada. If you know where it is I would be impressed… ZANE PETERS Dear Zane, As all good Canadian's know, Powell River is a well know suburb of Vancouver, just a short ferry ride from North Vancouver, provided that the ferry can fly as fast as a jet, and also provided that the weather is good, which it is not for the whole winter. Here is a British Columbia poem for you. [Powell River is, after 2 ferry rides, at the end of the road as you go north along the Pacific coast. Look it up on a map if you don't know where it is. If you do know where it is, Zane is very impressed. It is really a very beautiful town in a beautiful place.]

I want to be
Beside the sea
In Powell River, BC.
But, oh the fog
And mossy log,
Enormous slugs
And buzzy bugs,
Freezing tides
Long Ferry rides,
Sea gull screeches
And empty beaches.

Empty Beaches!!!

Wait for me!
I’m off to be
Beside the sea
In foggy, soggy
Powell River, boggy

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