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Hi, welcome to I hope you enjoy this selection of my work, as well as the creative art and short stories donated by kids and teachers.

  • Class Trip

    Class Trip

    Stephanie and Sean’s class goes on a trip to the museum where they get to watch baby chickens hatching. That gets them wondering what might be hatching out of the bigger eggs nearby.

  • Leaves!


    It’s fall, and the front yard is full of colourful leaves. Dad asks Sidney and Alex to rake them all up, and when they find Dad’s fancy new leaf blower in the garage they are excited to try it out.

  • I Can Fix It!

    I Can Fix It!

    Taylor loves her baby blanket. She carries it everywhere where with her… until disaster strikes!

  • Hugs


    On the day Thea is mad at Mommy, she and her little brother Tate go for a walk around the block. They meet a snail, a skunk, a porcupine, and a gorilla, and get a hug from each one ― but the hugs are slimy, smelly, poky and way too hard! It's not until they get back to Mommy that both Tate and Thea get the best hug of all ― a Mommy hug!

  • Finding Christmas

    Finding Christmas

    Canada's best loved author and illustrator team creates a festive story to ring in the holiday season ― based on Robert Munsch's own family!

  • Deep Snow

    Deep Snow

    Ali and Kate are out snowmobiling with their dad when Ali yells “STOP!” She can’t wait any more; she just has to jump in the snow.

  • Get Me Another One

    Get Me Another One

    Kristi wants to go fishing with her dad ― and makes the most amazing catch EVER!

  • Blackflies


    Springtime is wonderful ― except for the gazillion blackflies and mosquitoes. But Helen has a plan . .

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