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Give Me Back My Dad

Give Me Back My Dad

Written by Robert Munsch.

Illustrated by Michael Martchenko.

Published by Scholastic Canada, 2011.

Give Me Back My Dad! Was written while I was on a trip to Rigolet, Labrador with my son. Andrew. While we were there we went ice fishing with a girl named Cheryl and her father, Roger.

Andrew got a new snowsuit and mukluk sort of boots and I was given a snowsuit and a new parka. They suggested I wear new boots and I said mine were okay, but it was a mistake. Every time I went through the snow I got snow in the top of my boots and eventually my socks got wet. I should have taken their advice!

Next to their fishing cabin they put up a Labrador tent. They make it by cutting down two spruce trees, pounding one into the snow and then lashing the other across the top to an uncut tree. This makes a pole to hang the tent from. They cut spruce branches and make a thick bedding. Then in goes a portable stove.

After fishing we drove back up to the cabin. We ate and then went into the tent and told stories and jokes. Everybody told something. I made up this story about Cheryl and Roger. Roger told about the ghost sled that helps people lost on the snow. This was all while sitting and lying on spruce branches while the little stove kept the tent positively tropical. It was wonderful.

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Give Me Back My Dad

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